These programs have been developed to lead you on the path to overcoming your obstacles and finding “you”.  They are designed to fit easily into your life – in efficient, flexible, and focused formats.


Psychology Education Packages

These packages include 4 x 30 minute education webinars on specific psychology topics.  Each package gives you a thorough understanding of the topic as well as highlighting skills you can use to address them.  There are two delivery options: 1) You can receive one session each week for four weeks (4 x $19 weekly payments); or 2) You can receive all four sessions at once to review in your own time (1 x $75 payment).

More packages will continue to be developed.  The currently available packages are:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Depression
  • Self Esteem

The goal of these packages is to help you to understand the obstacle you are dealing with so that you can build your skills in overcoming your challenges and create the life and business/career you want.

$75 upfront or four weekly instalments of $19

Topics and Payment


Group Mentoring Program

The Group Mentoring Program is a combination of one-to-one and small group mentoring.

This eight week program gives you two 30 minute individual phone/Skype sessions with Leanne (one at the beginning and one at the end of the program), a detailed workbook, and six 1.5 hour online group mentoring sessions.

More than just giving you information, these programs have been developed as a psychological education tool.  Each week’s program includes information, strategies, and resources, as well as practical activities to complete.

These programs will continue to expand, they currently are designed to address two separate topics:

  1. Freedom from Controlling Relationships or Domestic Abuse
  2. Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Mentoring is a relationship where one person uses their skills and expertise to guide and support another.  As your mentor, Leanne will help you to enhance your strengths and assets, and lead you through the process of overcoming your own challenges and creating the life or business/career that you want.  Connecting with other women in the group mentoring sessions will reinforce your learning and your understanding of the issues you are dealing with.

If you are interested in one of these programs, email Leanne ( and let her know which program you are wanting to attend.  She will let you know when the next program is scheduled and therefore when you should process your payment.

$390 (or 4 two-weekly instalments of $98, or 8 weekly instalments of $49)

Payment Plan