A keen writer since sticking her poems on her bedroom wall at 10 years of age, Leanne has used her writing skills to create books, journal articles, reports and workbooks.  Many of these are listed below for you to access or purchase.

Freedom from Controlling Relationships and Domestic Violence Program

This program is designed as a complement or alternative to, not a substitute for, face-to-face counselling or coaching. It is in a workbook format and offers information, skills development, and practice. This is particularly relevant for women who have experienced controlling relationships or domestic violence and would not normally have chosen to access psychological assistance.

This Program is a three-part series that aims to increase your knowledge about this complex issue, enhance your understanding of how these relationships have affected you, and help you to grow beyond their impact.

You can purchase the programs individually or as a set of three.



Individual or Set

BOOK: Your Success

Your Success asks the ultimate question: what is success and how can you achieve it?
Written by inspirational thought-leaders from all over the world including Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin, Your Success offers practical, easy to follow advice on how to achieve greater levels of performance and achievement.


BOOK: Motivational Speakers Australia: The Indispensable Guide to Australia’s Business and Motivational Speakers

A truly great Motivational Speaker encourages you to reach your full psychological and economic potential. The keynote speakers in Motivational Speakers Australia, including Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin, range the spectrum from giving excellent business advice, inspiration for living well, and practical, actionable advice on performance for success.  Read this book, learn their secrets, and use these lessons to reach your fullest potential.