Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin

Psychologist and Trainer with over fifteen years experience


Leanne aims to empower women to thrive, giving them access to freedom, choice, joy, balance, success, and inner strength.


She has worked in the corporate world, in clinical settings, and extensively in her own business.  Her first career was in information technology, then in her twenties she turned 180 degrees and moved into psychology. 

Leanne is also a single-parent with two beautiful young children that she blends with her career – there are times when it is a challenging mix!  She has travelled the world extensively and has had many wild adventures, both before being a parent and after.

To contact Leanne:

Email: leanned@realsuccess.com.au

LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/leanne-donoghue-tamplin/37/817/176